My name is Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo. I like being called Ayo. I'm from southwest Nigeria. An Ijebu, born in Victoria Island, Lagos, in the year of our Lord 1990. But all that is just history and geography. As for my identity,  I insist that I'm more Nigerian than I'm Yoruba, and most of all, I'm more Christian than I'm both.

I strive as much as I can to be the best I can for God. My imperfections far outweighs my perfections if there are any. If there are, I'm not conscious of them. It is my humble prayer that while in this body, I may keep my head, so that even if the whole world loses its head, my head would be safely kept being securely sandwiched in the pages of scriptures.

Three things guide me in my professional life. These are; study, hard work, and diligence. If I fail with these, so be it. If I succeed with these, may I be careful enough not to be conceited.

I've learnt not to be a pessimist as I've learnt not to be an optimist. I have learnt rather that at all times, I'm to be a realist, provided I know what is realistic. It is easy as a realist to be optimistic, while in trying to ensure that you are not over optimistic and maintain the decent line of realism, it is easy to be a pessimist without being aware of it. A good life is therefore lived in a struggle for a right balance.

I remain your humble fellow, Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo.